Time is of the essence

When you stop and think about how much time you have left, it can be humbling. It doesn’t really matter how old you are. When you are young you have all the time in the world but it is only because of your thinking process. In reality everyone’s time is short.

However if you think of taking steps to expedite the mundane parts of your life so that you can utilize the important moments then consider the example of roofing. Roofing takes certain steps in experience that ensures there are no wasted steps. I spent sometime looking into roofing repair in Clearwater and found some really useful tips. The only reason I used this from Clearwater was because I was on vacation for New Years there. This works for any place in roofing of course.

When a roofing company puts in a new roof they will completely tear off the old one and all the while begin the new one. As they see what is underneath they will start to cut the new sheets and lay them in before the rest of the old roof is off. You see time is money. The less time you are up working the more you get to take home each day.

When they do a roof repair they can work even faster since it doesn’t involve removing tons of waste.

This shows an analogy to regular life. What can you do to apply the necessary steps to get things done and use that time saved to do what is important.

Do more with your time.

I Decided to not waste time

Life is too short to buy cheap trash bags. You are trying to save a few bucks and all it does is make your life harder. One rip at a time.

In the same way I think this applies to lawns. I have for years worked on my lawn trying to make it look trimmed, green and healthy. It ended up being no use. It isn’t like I am incapable of doing it. It is just the time needed to do all the necessary steps could be better spent elsewhere.

I called around and found this very simple company that does lawn spraying in Tampa Florida. They probably saved my life. They do everything and charge a very affordable rate to do it. The price could be doubled and I would still pay it just because they are so good.

Take a look around your life and find ways to get a few things off your plate. You could be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

You could hire out your laundry. House cleaning. Even dog walking (but you should be taking care of that)

All in all you need to concentrate more on the important things even more now. We live in a overcrowded world demanding all too much of your attention.

Do More With Your Time!

Longer days mean more production

Winter is a killer when it comes to getting more done during your day. The sun going down early you instinctively begin to slow down and lose focus.

This every happen to you?

Today we had an unseasonable warm day.  Instantly I felt different and decided to get a bunch of things done as if I had all the time in the world. Just last week though I was having trouble getting much done because of how cold it was.

It is a weird phenomenon to be sure. Yet it is not unusual. People who live in colder climates definitely produce less than those n longer days and warmer climates.

I guess I will be find with it and not worry about how that affects my day.

Doing more with time is still a mental issue than physical.

Without a doubt we need to win the mental hurdle and get back to doing things on our terms.

2016 is just around the corner……..

This Christmas season has been particularly busy for me and my family. We actually thought at one point that it would be a simple easy one. Then in a matter of 3 days several things came along and changed all that.

First I get a call that my Dad was coming with his wife for Christmas. I knew this was a possibility but with him nothing is certain until they actually do it. Time is different to him and how he looks at it.

All my life he never really saw time quite like most people I know. It was always fleeting or there was plenty of it. Very little middle ground. His error was that he never put in the hard time into using all his time for his future. If he had done that he would not need to be working part time today. We all too often make this mistake, especially during this day and age.

With them coming time became really short. Getting the house ready was almost impossible because everyone was sick with a cold and the littlest one clung to me like a parasite for 5 days. At these moments in time we think it will never end. Yet it does. You just have to push through it.

Then we had to plan on eating at various dinners we were invited too. We had dinners for 4 straight nights! Talk about a food overload. We definitely were blessed with so much bounty but when it comes to getting things done in your normal night routine, well you can forget it.

We never had a chance to sit and talk. The house continued to cry out for attention. The many little task just got bigger.

What do you do when time is limited? Or when time is taken from you? I am not sure my issue is so dour or as serious as someone who has been given a couple months to live. That would really put all our problems into perspective obviously.

When we get so tied up with events and happenings that involve real commitments and investment of time we have to really take it with a smile and come at it with some sacrifice later.

You will also gain a better appreciation for time in general when you put a higher emphasis on it. The time is yours. You may get a little sidetracked but you can get back on track as soon as it becomes feasible.

Sure you can pull all nighters and lose sleep but if you are like me then this option would only worsen the moments where you need to be your best.

Do more with time. On your time.

2016 is right around the corner.

A tactic to finding more time

In doing more with time, which is the subject of this site. I found a cool way to get more done with the time you have.

Quote simply put the best way to manage time is to not try to cram in too much in to do. I was really stressed the other day because I was worried about being able to finish everything I wanted to get done that I didn’t really get anything done. Not completely anyway.

What I realized is my focus was too harried. Too spread out. What we need to grapple with is knowing what our limits are in terms of getting what you want done.

Prioritizing your day is an excellent thing to do as well. What is most important right now? WIN. What’s Important Now? Then do that very thing that is screaming at you to accomplish.

Ever notice that the loudest one is the one who gets noticed? Oftentimes they are the ones who get the best service because you want to avoid the outbust so badly.

Well it is the same with your head. The thing that is yelling at you should get done first. Then from there you categorize the most important to the less needy items and tackle them.

Also you will notice you will have more time when you invest 100% of your efforts into whatever you are doing. You will find that by doing this you will commit fewer errors and not waste time redoing a project or simply being distracted. This will make you more efficient.

Do these things well and you will definitely find more time in your day.

Do More With Time

This site is dedicated to the subject of time and life. Time is a vast subject of course. I think time can be your master, friend or slave. How you do your allocation is key to a manageable life and schedule.

I like the quote from the Star Trek movie Generations. In the movie a Dr. played by Malcolm McDowell was intent on returning the Nexus. He is pressed for time because it only comes through a section of the galaxy every couple hundred years. In his encounter with Captain Picard he refuses to wait and whisper these words.

“Time is a predator that stalks our lives”

Later in the movie Picard response was,

I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because they’ll never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived”. 

What side are you on? This perspective can really alter your thinking can it? It can be what you are looking for in life and how much time you have to get to it.

This is an introduction and in the coming days I want to add more to Do More With Time.